CBD Oil – Benefits, Side-effects, and CBD Tincture

Ever thought that there would be an oil extracted out of Cannabis plant, there is Cannabidiol oil. As bizarre as it sounds, Cannabidiol oil is a legal product that contains 40% extracts from Hemp plant which is a variety of Cannabis. The extract is mixed with other oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. It is also called as CBD oil or Hemp oil.

The WHO has given authorisation to this oil as tests show that; CBD oil does not cause the ‘High’ or addiction to its users. The CBD oil does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol which causes the ‘drunken influence’. Though this oil does not have these properties it is packed with health benefits.

Benefits of Cannabidiol or CBD oil

Though Cannabis has a negative connotation in the society because of its recreational use, the awareness about its uses are also propagated. CBD oil also has many benefits that are being added to the list day by day as research continues. Here are seven benefits of CBD oil.

  • Pain reliever

CBD oil just like the use of medical marijuana can be used to relieve pain. CBD can be taken orally or through injection to relieve pain. CBD binds the nerve stimuli that is responsible for transmitting pain. Study results prove that it is significant in treating Multiple sclerosis and Arthritis.

  • Mental Health Stabilizer

Cannabidiol has proven to have positive effects on those who have mental health issues like Anxiety and Depression. The properties in the oil initiates the production of more serotonin which is a neurotransmitter responsible for anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.

  • Neuroprotector

As seen before the properties of this oil show significant effect in neurotransmitter. In the same way it helps in treating neurological disorders too. Researches show that this oil is effective against seizure and epilepsy, even in children. It also has anti-inflammatory function that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Benefits on Heart health

Initial studies have proven that small doses of CBD oil are effective in reducing Blood pressure, which is the cause of other disorders like seizure. It also helps reduce inflammation related to heart diseases because of its antioxidant properties.

  • Reducer of Symptoms and Side effects of Cancer

Researches state that this oil gives relief to side-effects that cancer patients go through during Chemotherapy. Though the research is in initial stages its has shown positive effects in reducing nausea. The oil is also sad to have anti-cancer properties and has proved to lower the spread of Breast Cancer. Because of this property initial study by researchers show that it can be an anti-cancer drug.

  • Acne fighter

As this oil controls the inflammation its is also proven to control the production of sebum by sebaceous gland which causes acne.

  • Other benefits include:

As the research on this oil is still in starting stages there can also be other possible benefits which are:

  1. Anti-psychotic drug
  2. Could be used to treat Diabetes
  3. Can help in reducing addiction-based disorder.

Side-effects of Cannabidiol or CBD oil

Just as anything Cannabidiol Oil also has a negative side which are its side-effects. Those who choose to opt for CBD oil should also know the side-effects before selecting this oil for their usage. The side-effects are as follows:

  • Toxic to the liver – studies on mice has shown that large dosage of CBD oil can cause damage to liver.
  • Causes Diarrhoea
  • Reduction in Appetite
  • Could cause drowsiness and Fatigue

Due to these side effects it is important to consult your doctor and take his advice before selecting CBD oil.

CBD oil and CBD Tinctures

There is also another option that is available with similar properties of CBD oil, it is CBD tincture. A tincture refers to anything that has alcohol as a base ingredient. As discussed, earlier CBD oil contains coconut or hemp seed oil as base ingredient while CBD tincture contains alcohol.

This does not make a difference in the anti-addictive or non-drunk influence on the person who uses it.

However, tincture is easier for consumption as essential oils like can be added to increase the taste. It also does not leave a lasting sensation on mouth palette. But when consumed as oil or used as oral spray it can leave lasting sensation.

Tincture also has more shelf life because of the alcohol content which acts as preservative, which oil does not have and has a expiration period of 14 months.

Howbeit, CBD oil can be inhaled has vapour, but tincture can only be consumed by adding it in food as an ingredient.

One can choose between CBD oil and Tincture based upon individual preferences and needs from Blaze CBD. They can also consult their doctor as of which method would be more effective for their need.

In conclusion, Cannabidiol or hemp or CBD oil has many benefits that can help in treating neurological and inflammation-based ailment, but it also has side effects. So, it is important to choose the right amount of dosage and method of intake by consulting your doctor and taking necessary precautions for the side effects.